IDAHOT Report 2014: Madagascar

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Madagascar was one of various countries in which the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia was commemorated for the very first time in 2014. Local activists and supporters organised a pioneering series of events, spread over two days, with the support of the support of the local NAC (SE/CNLS) and UNAIDS, in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Poster created for the IDAHOT 2014 commemorations in Madagascar – in Malagasy and French.

Key actions around the IDAHOT 2014 included:

  • Availability of flyers and posters in key locations (Karaokes, Pubs/Bars, Discos, IFM-Institut Franco-Malgache…) from Friday, May 16, onwards.
  • Sensitisation in some Karaokes with distribution of condoms and flyers – Friday day / night
  • A press Conference on Saturday morning by the NGOs with the support and presence of the NAC and UNAIDS – a banner will be printed for the occasion.
  • A disco night on Saturday evening dedicated to IDAHOT.
  • Within the U.N. House the results of the 2013 UN Madagascar wide survey on homophobia and the posters with the world map were also distributed.
  • Also, in the week around May 17, the “Malagasy short movies festival” was hosted at the IFM, where one of the movies in the contest was about homosexuality.

Photos from the events
Newspaper coverage of the events, in the Madagascar Laza, and photos of the press conference and discussion event on the 17th. Courtesy of UN AIDS Indian Ocean – via their facebook page.

Further information
You can find out more about UN AIDS Indian Ocean via their website and facebook page.
Poster from this year’s actions

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