IDAHOT Report 2014: Estonia

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Local LGBTI communities in Estonia came together for a discussion event in the city of Tartu and a film screening in the capital, Tallinn, in commemoration of the IDAHOT 2014.

Tartu discussion event
In Estonia’s second city, Tartu, local LGBTI communities organised a discussion event under the theme/question “How can gays in Tartu hope to be happy?”. Organisers invited city residents to discuss how to move toward the fulfillment of a positive vision for sexual minorities, as well as their families, and same sex partners.

Poster for IDAHOT 2014 event in Tartu, Estonia. Source

The event was organised by Eesti LGBT Ühing (Estonian LGBT Association), in collaboration with Human, Too, and held at the Genialistide Klubi nightclub.
Tallinn film screening
In Tallin, local groups came together for a film screening to celebrate IDAHO Day, on May 16th, at OMA Centre. The movie was “The Perfect Family”, which talks about a family with a lesbian daughter – the film highlights what happens when a Mother is challenged to choose between her ingrained belief systems and her family.
The event was organised by the groups OMA Keskus as well as Eesti LGBT Ühing (Estonian LGBT Association) and Gendy.

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