IDAHOT Report 2014: Austria

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In Austria, events took place for the IDAHOT 2014 in at least two cities. Actions were focused on raising awareness of the victims of LGBTI-phobic hate crimes, on the present situation of LGBTI rights in the country, and on the importance of freedom of expression for LGBTI communities.

Rainbow Flash Balloon Release
The groups Homosexuelle Initiative Wien, HOSI (Homosexual Initiative Vienna), To Russia With Love Austria and Queeramnesty organised three different actions to commemorate IDAHOT in Vienna, starting with a rainbow flash event, in which rainbow coloured balloons with personal messages attached to them were released into the sky. This action took place at the Morzinplatz, where the headquarters of the Gestapo were located during the NS-regime and from where homosexuals were deported into the concentration camps.

RainbowFlah Vienna. Source HOSI Wien

IDAHO Classical Concert
In the evening, there was a IDAHO Classical Concert, with the participation of a group of young musicians and music students, from the CMG (Classical Musicans’ Group). The concert was conducted under the banner ‘Spring Is in the Air’ and included classical songs on themes of love and affection.
These events were followed by the ‘IDAHO- Night’ which was organised by Queeramnesty. The party focused attention on the situation for LGBTI communities and civil society in general in Russia, activists from Queeramnesty informed at the B72 (the venue). The night was accompanied by the bands ‘Petra und der Wolf’ and ‘Clara Luzia’.
The groups HOSI Salzburg, and the Homosexual Initiative in Salzburg, in an joint effort with other local groups, organised the Walk 4 IDAHO demonstration, as well as a party on May 17. The organisers wanted to use this event to show the importance of freedom of expression for LGBTI people worldwide.

Walk 4 IDAHO Salzburg

The Walk 4 IDAHO 2014 was organised to raise awareness within society that LGBTI people worldwide are still confronted with discrimination, violence, prosecution, abuse and murder. The participants of the demonstration also made clear that in Austria LGBTI people cannot enjoy full equal rights and social acceptance, yet. After the demonstration there was a Party at the 3Stein Gaybar.

HOSI Salzburg is a group that works for the region of Salzburg, Bavaria and Oberösterreich for over 30 years now. They offer support, meeting points, information material, consulting and much more to LGBTI people and people your are interested in LGBTI issues. The 20-30 volunteers at HOSI Salzburg also organise events and activities and they publish the magazine COMING IN, 4 times a year.

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