IDAHOT events in Trinidad & Tobago

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The organisations Friends for Life, CAISO and CariFLAGS are joining forces to organise events around May 17 in downtown Port of Spain and Belmont, Trinidad & Tobago.

The events will go on for two days and consist of:
Friday May 16, 1:30pm: Friends for Life holds a demonstration at the Port of Spain International Finance Centre, the home of the national Parliament at the start of its sitting.
Saturday May 17, 9am: CAISO, Friends for Life and CariFLAGS at their joint office in Belmont, launch a Trinidad & Tobago case advocacy program to bring justice and healing to LGBTI persons who have suffered violations; and host a briefing on the first sexual orientation-related Caribbean case just accepted by the Caribbean Court of Justice — a treaty challenge to the immigration law of Trinidad & Tobago. The law makes homosexuals, those who live off their earnings, and those reasonably suspected of coming or attempting to bring others into the country for homosexual purposes prohibited immigrants; and it provides for the deportation of persons who practise, assist in the practice, or share in the avails of homosexualism. The casework program is staffed by a social worker and a lawyer and will lead to a new effort at strategic use of courts and tribunals by LGBTI groups in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean, with the development of a clearinghouse for SOGI-related strategic litigation in the region.

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