IDAHOT Events 2015: Madagascar

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In Madagascar, the local MSM network with the support of the US Embassy in Madagascar (and in a much smaller scale support from UNAIDS) organized a get-together in their premises (US Embassy) with around 20 members of the MSM network in Madagascar (“Solidarit√© des MSM”).

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During this gathering, there was a showing of a gay-themed movie “The Matthew Shepard story” in French (translated “Au nom de la haine”) on discrimination and stigmatisation of homosexuality in the U.S. followed by a discussion within the group facilitated by the embassy. Discussions revolved around the views of the audience regarding the movie and regarding the situation in Madagascar.

Outcomes of the discussions were that, in Madagascar, stigma and discrimination are still strong, especially in the provinces that have a muslim majority such as Diego-Suarez, Nosy-Be, Ambilobe… They also discussed the actions of the parents of M. Sheppard and their struggle against stigma and discrimination in the U.S.Madagascar_IDAHOT2015_1

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