IDAHOT Events 2015: Croatia

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[box type=”note” ]We are still busy collecting information on this year’s IDAHOT activities and are waiting to hear back from activists and event organisers. If you have information to share with us, please write us at[/box]

In Croatia, Zagreb Pride organised a gala event on May 17 to bring together the LGBTIQ community, institution representatives and members of international community living in Zagreb.

The program was aimed to be both political and cultural, with the main goal to raise both awareness and funds for LGBTQ youth project and programs in Croatia. The event will also include multi-medial performances and ‘Project Berlin-Yogyakarta’ exhibition.ZagrebPride_IDAHOT2015
Voices of pride | # IDAHOT2015
With a donation intended as gifts (t-shirts, cups, brochures, leaflets, posters, badges), and all of this year’s XIV. Pride March and families Zagreb Pride 2015 and LORI program to combat homophobia in schools.
LGBT youth can expect:
1. performance “Dakota” with Petar Đakulović, Ksenija Nakić Alfirević, Tomislav Nakić Alfirević, Damir Čargonja and Tajči Čekada
2. Music program, electropop by Ivan Odak (Music hammerhead, Zagreb), Donnie Darko VJ
3. Colinda Evangelist House Of Flamingo
Find out more on Zagreb Pride page.

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