IDAHOT actions in Latvia

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Latvia will be celebrating IDAHOT with a “express yourself” photo booth in Riga. LGBT activists and their friends at MOSAIC organization are inviting everyone on May 17 to express themselves however they want in support for the LGBT community in Riga.

This year’s IDAHOT will be celebrated with a photo sessions in Old Town streets and at various key sites. The photo booth will be made public on the internet with various hashtags. The usage of internet will be symbolic to get special attention to the fact that most critical and openly homophobia and transphobia are expressed and disseminated on the internet nowadays.
Seeing people under the veil of anonymity with the permission to say things which they probably would not tell LGBT persons face to face, and LGBT people that are directly affected by hate speech is the inspiration for this cause.
The “Fotografēsimies” campaign will show that despite homophobic and transphobic expressions against LGBT people and their friends and supporters, activists in Latvia keep a cheerful attitude towards life and strive for a society where all people are respected and treated as equal, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, national origin and religious beliefs.
For more information on the organisers go to their Facebok page.
For more details on the event, visit the event page.

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