IDAHOT 2017 will focus on "Families"


Consultation with advocates from around the world identifies “Families” as a focus issues for IDAHOT 2017

This focus includes both
–        The role of families in the well-being of their LGBTIQ members
–        The respect of the rights of LGBTIQ families (rainbow families) 
We also of course want to use this focus issue to counter the reclaiming of family values by conservatives.
We hope that this focus issue on families will
– Strengthen the visibility and voice of LGBTIQ parents
– Strengthen the visibility and voice of Rainbow families and lead to advances in recognition and rights
– Strengthen the visibility and voice of children of LGBTIQ parents, and possibly strengthen the structuring of their nascent movement
– Reclaim “family values” in a progressive understanding
– Facilitate alliances with progressive family organisations
Given the proximity in dates and values of the  International Family Equality Day (IFED), early May, we have taken the very natural and exciting decision to combine IFED and IDAHOT in 2017. 
The IDAHOT will of course remain open to any other initiatives, either around other aspects related to Families, or on other issues. As always, the focus issue constitutes a possible entry point for mobilisation, advocacy and alliance building, but only if this is relevant for each stakeholder.

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