IDAHOT 2014 Annual Reports Now Live !


The annual IDAHOT country reports, as well as the IDAHO Committee Summary Report 2014, are now live and complete. Together, they give a full panorama of the May 17 commemorations in the 125 countries where (a total of more than 1,200) actions took place this year, as well as a run down of key highlights at the global and local levels.

Global Summary Report 2014
The IDAHO Committee Summary Report 2014, which gives a global and regional panorama of actions around May 17 this year is available forĀ download here (pdf, 2.1mb).
Individual Country Reports 2014
You can access the individual country reports (in order of publication) via this list, or via this map (just click on your country).
Further Information
After the IDAHOT 2014 week, in which the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia was confirmed as the biggest ever mobilisation moment for LGBTI rights worldwide – with actions in over 125 countries – the IDAHO Committee team has been working to gather details, pictures, videos and reports from all countries, to form an Annual Summary Report 2014.
The Summary Report provides an overview of the activities which took place in commemoration of the IDAHOT, from countries that have seen actions for the first time, to places where activists stood up against Homophobia and Transphobia despite the risk of persecution, to the amazing diversity of events which made Freedom of Expression for LGBTI communities a core global focus this year. The report also depicts specific groups and actions, such as faith-related events and the global sing-in in which choirs from many countries joined the chorus for LGBTI equality worldwide.
The Report is supported this year by online Country Reports for all countries where actions were registered.
There are doubtless many actions that we missed – please feel free to send us details at any time, so that we can include your action. If you have any queries about the Annual Reporting process or would like further information please contact the IDAHO Committee team via

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