Greece IDAHO Report 2012


A coalition of activists in Greece organized a range of events to commemorate IDAHO 2012, including a press conference on the traditionally homophobic Greek media and how it handles LGBTQ issues, the ways it impacts on the community, and ways in which it can improve its views and ways of handling LGBTQ issues; a balloon flash mob; an installation called “Silent Witnesses” featuring cardboard human figures each with a true story of homophobic violence printed on them; people being asked to wear signs with the words “gay”, “lesbian”, “trans”, “bisexual”, “queer”, “hiv+” on them to enable them to see what it’s like to “walk in our shoes” with the same “signs” that society imposes on LGBTQ people; a street party with music and dancing; and the handing out of flyers at schools and universities, and making posters and videos.

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