European LGBTI Youth network invites video submissions for IDAHOT workshop

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The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer Youth & Student Organisation (IGLYO), a pan European network, working with over 95 LGBTQ youth and student organisations, announces a youth-focused fringe event, associated with the IDAHOT Forum “Building Bridges and Communities” in Copenhagen, in May 2016.
This initiative will have a dual goal, bringing together an advocacy perspective, through raising the voice of LGBTQI youth at this high-profile event, as the same time with building the capacity of young LGBTQI European activists in the field of multimedia communication and video campaigning.
IGLYO will invite between 12 and 18 young leaders from LGBTQI organisations across Europe to attend a two-day workshop which will help them acquire knowledge and skills on using videos effectively to disseminate messages and anti-stigma campaigns. The skills will include video shooting, editing and processing and engaging effectively with various social media platforms to disseminate videos. The participants will be selected based on the submission of a video concept proposal which should connect the theme of the IDAHOT Forum to the life of a young LGBTQI person and the life of their communities.
In addition to the skills building, the workshop will lead towards the collaborative production of a video highlighting the theme of the Forum in relation to LGBTQI young people. After the completion of the workshop, some of the participants will be invited to attend the IDAHOT Forum where they will be able to showcase the video and attend panels in which they can emphasise the message of the video with their own personal testimonies.
Through this initiative, IGLYO hopes to add a tangible, personal and, consequently, a more powerful dimension to the theme of the IDAHOT Forum, while, at the same time, raising the important perspective of LGBTQI youth on IDAHOT themes, and building the capacity of LGBTQI young activists through video production and video campaigning skills.
For more information regarding this project, please contact Tudor Kovacs, Capacity Building Officer, at

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