E-Magazine to commemorate May 17 in Turkey

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Social Policies, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association (SPoD) in Turkey will be celebrating May 17 by launching a new e-Magazine, named “Çark”!

Image: Logo of SPoD
SPoD Organisation will be hosting a panel and reception together with Consulate General of the Netherlands on May 17 in dedication to IDAHOT celebrations.
Çark Mag is an online magazine about LGBTI culture and lifestyle, which started under the same roof of SPoD. Çark Mag aims to follow agenda of LGBTI nightlife and friendly places, culture-art news, reviews, and interviews, and will collect all news from Istanbul and other cities in Turkey.
The Magazine will cover LGBT entertainment venues, focal spots, culture and art news and articles, book critiques and interviews. The work will reach beyond Istanbul to rural cities and its launch will be dedicated to May 17.

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