Demonstration for 'Freedom of Expression' on May 17 in Salzburg, Austria

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HOSI, the Homosexual Initiative in Salzburg, Austria in an joint effort with other local groups has organised the Walk 4 IDAHO demonstration and a party on May 17 to celebrate IDAHOT. The organisers want to use this event to show the importance of Human Rights and Freedom of Expression for LGBT people worldwide.

The Walk 4 IDAHO 2014 is meant to raise awareness within society that LGBT people worldwide are still confronted with discrimination, violence, prosecution, abuse and murder. They also want to make clear that also in Austria LGBT people can not enjoy full equal rights and social acceptance, yet. Their event stands for diversity, visibility and acceptance.
The demonstration will start at 2:30 pm at the Neue Mitte Lehen, City Library (Schumacherstraße 14) and will end at the Glockengasse with a final rally. The parade will be jazzed up with DJ sounds. Afterwards everyone is invited to join the Party at the 3Stein Gaybar.
For the event homepage click here. If you want to get more information go to the Walk 4 IDAHO page.
HOSI Salzburg is a group that works for the region of Salzburg, Bavaria and Oberösterreich for over 30 years now. They offer support, meeting points, information material, consulting and much more to LGBTI people and people your are interested in LGBTI issues. The 20-30 volunteers at HOSI Salzburg also organise events and activities and they publish the magazine COMING IN 4 times a year.
If you want to find out more about them and their activities, visit their homepage here.
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