Dance Flashmob

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What could be more expressive than freeing your body and getting your groove on with a good old fashioned dance flashmob for May 17?

The Global Rainbow Flashmob for the International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia 2013, saw loads of dance flashmobs all over the world – in cities as diverse as Johannesburg, London and Jakarta. Check out the Global Rainbow Flashmob video for inspiration:

The Global Rainbow Flashmob 2013 – Original Version from IDAHO Committee on Vimeo.

However many participants you have, these can be really effective actions, especially if you film your performance and share it online. As well as catching the attention of the public, this is a fun action, and you can get fit doing it.
Whilst it might be difficult to stage a dance flashmob with a unique choreography, like they are done by artistic or commercial groups, it can be simple and really effective to pick one well-known dance and to invite people to join in.
If you like, you can organise a rehearsal first (or post a video of a routine online first, so people can practice at home), or you can simply invite people to turn up on the day and express themselves in their own way – whatever way you like!
Whilst pop anthems are a great choice, waltz, rock-and-roll, samba or reggaeton could also be great alternatives – whatever style you like!
To make the video really buzz, you might want to organize for participants to dress in rainbow colors. Color combinations make for excellent graphic and symbolic results.
For example the dance could start with different sexed pairs of different colors (e.g. one man in yellow and one woman in red) and at some critical moment the dancers change partners and reassemble as same-sex couples of same color. The underlying image here is that each dancer has found back harmony with someone of the same sex!

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