Botswana IDAHO Report 2012

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A group of about 80 activists in Botswana marched through the streets of Gaborone, interacting with the public as they went, brandishing placards bearing non-discrimination messages. This was followed by a public forum where drama and debate were used to raise awareness about sexual diversity and the effects of homophobia and transphobia.
Speakers addressed such issues as self-stigmatization and societal stigmatization, discrimination and sexual diversity in the workplace, and called for the LGBT community to “awaken” and take the movement to greater heights.
After the forum, activists visited the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs to promote training for staff from the Labour Department on sexual orientation.
A dance work entitled “Keledi” [Tear], written, choreographed and performed by Kalvin K Kol-Kes, was also held on May 17. It was a solo work that was aimed at ensuring that Botswana had the opportunity to communicate without fear of segregation and discrimination.

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