A Family "Gang" from Ireland sends their Family Story for IDAHOT

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Myself and my husband Jaime were married in South Africa in 2010 and campaigned for marriage equality in Ireland, which happened in 2015. We have a large, ever-growing and ever diversifying family. We are scattered around the globe. Here we are with two very special members who live in Western Australia – our niece Sorcha and Jaime’s mother Kay. I call her MIL (mother-in-law) and she calls me SIL (son-in-law). We have a very special relationship – full of laughter and mania. We can stay up talking late into the night. There was never a question that our relationship would be celebrated by our family. To our nieces and nephews we have always been family – a bit embarrassing, but run-of-the-mill uncle embarrassing! If you add to this photo a few more parents, brothers and sisters, many more nieces and nephews and some very close friends and their families and you’d have something close to what family is for us. We are a gang that is always moving, transforming and looking out for each other.

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