2020 Country Page – Vietnam


UniGEN will organize an online series of activities to destigmatize misunderstandings about sexual minorities and do livestream to share stories of minority groups within the LGBTIQ community.

– Community groups of women loving women in different provinces and cities (Nam Dinh, Son La, Thai Nguyen, Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City) will organize offline and online events to raise the voices of LBQ persons and to bring information of support services to the communities. Support services includes counseling hotline, safe addresses for emergency support.

– Hanoi Pride will organize the online campaign #PrideAtHome. LGBTIQ persons will take photos or make videos with items that bring them the feeling of pride, and sharing stories behind these items.

– Vietnam Youth Alliance will collect stories of LGBTIQ persons and share them widely with the audience

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