2020 Country Page – Tunisia

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Event: 17th of May, International day against Queerphobia
Date: 17.05.2019
Info: On “17th of May, International day against Queerphobia” Mawjoudin-We Exist and its partners  are inviting you to a day of exploration, resistance, and celebration. Where you will attend the launch of Mawjoudin’s campaign and many Queer performances, a celebration of Queer humanity and grace.

* Launching of the first episode of our Queer comic book telling stories of LGBTIQ+ individuals.
* Launching of a digital campaign Candlelight & IDAHOTIB: in collaboration with ATL, ATP+, Damj and AssociaMed Tunisia consisting in a series of Queer and PLHIV texts’ records
* An online panel in collaboration with Couf association and regional guests about the Queer atmosphere in the MENA 

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