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To mark IDAHOBIT 2020, GAYa NUSANTARA (GN), with the Coalition for Sexual and Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR) and the Global Interfaith Network (GIN), is delighted to host a historical webinar!

“Bringing Progressive Faith Voices toward Diverse Gender and Sexualities”

We’ll situate the conversation within the context of the current pandemic and the impacts on LGBTIQ communities, as well as strategies and tools for resistance and greater acceptance. We’ll also explore GAYa NUSANTARA’s recently published booklet: Islam-Christian Progressive Interpretations of Gender Diversity and Sexuality: A Guideline to Understand The Human Body and God, a guide that aims to encourage more progressive voices on religion to be more open toward LGBTIQ people.

Building on the reality that the LGBTIQ community continues to live in fear of threats, discrimination and persecution, it is crucial for us to provide a fresh and progressive religious interpretations in order to bring back its original function. That is, to provide noble and sublime values. The progressive interpretations can encourage people to behave more lovingly and sympathetically.

For all communities of faith and allies to amplify progressive faith voices in respect of diverse gender and sexualities, please join us for 2-hour, from 8am UTC on Monday 18th May, to bring together voices from Islam and Christianity across Asia Pacific and beyond! 

– Reverend Kakay Paraman, a pastor and gender justice advocate
– amina wadud, the lady imam
– Dede Oetomo, independent scholar and founder of GAYa NUSANTARA

Moderator: Rima Athar, human rights activist

Please follow this link for registration: bit.ly/ProgressiveFaith4Queer
Email us at strongindiversity.gn@gmail.com for any questions!

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