2016 Events: Bedayaa to mark IDAHOT in Egypt, Sudan and Algeria


LGBT organisation Bedayaa will mark IDAHOT 2016 this year with a campaign held across Sudan, Egypt and Algeria. The campaign will include the work of local Trans and LGBT organisations and will hope to address issues of discrimination and stigma facing the LGBT community.
From the organisers:

“Together Our Voice is Louder” is a campaign launched by Bedayaa Organization for LGBTQI in the Nile Valley Area (Egypt & Sudan) and Mesahat Foundation sexual and gender diversity and Trans-Homos–DZ organization form Algeria on the occasion of International Day Against Homophobia and Trans phobia (IDAHOT 2016).The campaign aims to highlight the violence based on sexual orientation and / or gender identity against LGBTQI in North Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Algeria).
The Campaign held different activities in Cairo & Alexandria in Egypt; as well as in Khartoum Sudan during the whole month of May, also we published an online book “Stories about Homophobia & Transphobia from North Africa”

For more information on the group and the event please visit their campaign’s Facebook page. 

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