Loving makes a Family in Nepal

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People often say LGBTIQ don’t have family, they are wrong.

When I knew myself as a child, I was already in a family, every one loved me and brought me up so delicately.
I went to school, soon the teachers and fellow students became my family, which included people from different ethnic backgrounds.
In college also I found myself in a family that came from different districts and geographic regions of Nepal.
While going abroad for higher education, my family expanded political boarders and I had a family of diverse nationalities.
After founding Blue Diamond Society in 2001, I became a part of a global family that transcends the boundaries of sexuality and gender. I found myself amidst beautiful, courageous LGBTIQ people, and activists of diverse sexual and gender identities.
Perusing my spiritual quest, again I find myself with a family that embrace the whole world as a family regardless of our physical characteristics, intellectual make up and emotional status.
At the end of the day, you are part of a family as soon as there is love to give. It is your ability to love that makes you part of a family, whatever form this takes.
Happy IDAHOT 2017!
Sunil Babu Pant is the founder of Nepal’s first LGBT group Blue Diamond Society

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