Mexico IDAHO Report 2012


A National Survey on Homophobic Bullying in Mexico was released in the lead-up to this IDAHO 2012. The survey found that two out of every three LGBT people in the country had been victims of homophobic bullying.
The survey is one initiative to draw attention to ways in which the sexual rights of young people are violated. A total of 1273 LGBT people from the 32 states of Mexico participated in the survey. One of the key findings was that 66% of survey respondents acknowledged that they were victims of bullying. Among gay men, the percentage was even higher, with 75% being victims of bullying. Lesbians reported less bullying with 51%.
In the city of Queretaro, activists organized various events and activities, including a march, cultural events, panels at the university, and declarations.
In the city of Tijuana, activists organized lectures and panels delivered by experts, a bi-national caravan, a contest of short films, art exhibitions, artistic events and other forms of entertainment.

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