Liberia – IDAHOTB 2018 Country Page

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The commemoration of IDAHOTB 2018 in Liberia began with a pre-media event, which involved giving an overview on the IDAHOT 2018 why it was necessary for Liberia and various stakeholders to participate in joining members of the LGBTI population in the celebrations.
The theme adopted for the national IDAHOT 2018 celebration was: “Togetherness for Inclusion.” Some of the LGBTI persons also had the opportunity to share personal experiences and stories about discrimination and stigmatization, and how these have adversely affected their personal lives.
Interviews were held with a selection of actors who comprised of human rights activists, religious leaders, journalists, and LGBTI persons, soliciting their personal opinions on the significance of IDAHOTB 2018 celebrations in Liberia.
Unfortunately, this media coverage sparked negative reactions that led to the relocation of the May 17 Conference.
However, the official national event for IDAHOTB 2018 was held with a stakeholder engagement, which brought together religious leaders both from the Christian and Muslim communities, media practitioners, health care workers and service providers, human rights defenders and activists, partners including heads of LGBTI organizations and LGBTI individuals.

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