IDAHOT Report 2016: Sweden

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Sweden this year showed an amazing commitment to IDAHOT, with a range of powerful actions held across the country to mark May 17.
In Stockholm, the local Amnesty International hosted a special ‘Kiss-In’ against discrimination. The event, organized alongside local LGBT campaigners, invited the LGBT community and allies to ‘Make out and make change’ in a public event held in the city center.
Stockholm also held events on an international scale, with a special event on May 18 held in solidarity with Armenian and Bangladeshi LGBT activists. Organised by Tupilac, ILGCN and Bears International the event featured a special skål (Swedish toast) to celebrate various international efforts, including the work of IDAHOT founder Louis-Georges Tin. This event also saw the announcement of details for the 1st Nordic Rainbow History & Arts Months, which will take place in October 2016.
Across the world Swedish furniture giants IKEA helped promote awareness around the week of May 17 with a special video released in support of IDAHOT. The company also promoted equality across all its business sites, encouraging employees to be open and frank about their experiences with homophobia, transphobia and biphobia.
In Halmstad, local activists organised a day of live performances to mark the day. The event featured arts and music from local performers and helped raise awareness of various issues facing the local and national LGBT community.
In Linköping, RFSL Linköping planned a day of events to celebrate diversity within the local community. Activities held included a public display and open workshops, and all had a family-friendly focus.

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