'Free Expression' main focus on May 17 in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Iranti-org is commemorating the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia with a focus on the global theme “Free Expressions”. They are documenting interviews with stakeholders of institutions that either accept and acknowledge SOGI issues, or do not permit people of different sexualities and gender identities in their institutions.

Photo: IDAHOT 2013- waving the rainbow flag at Carlton Centre. Source iranti-org
The Iranti-org team is currently conducting interviews with traditional, cultural and religious leaders, with a focus on religious freedom and the right to one’s sexual orientation and gender expression. The team will screen all the digital stories on the 17 May in Johannesburg, at a public event on IDAHOT.
Iranti-org, in partnership with TIA, IHAWU, Tiisa Tshireletso, Vutha LGBTI, Tulo ya Kagiso, Uthingo the rainbow will gather to celebrate our right to freedom of expression and to discuss the issues that hinder our rights. Religious leaders, feminist theologians, activists and artivists will join in making this programme meaningful.
Iranti-org is a Johannesburg-based queer human rights organisation with a focus on visual media that works in advocacy, lobbying and networking with local activists and organisations. With multi-media the organisation is documenting and reporting on issues like sexual orientation, gender identity and sexuality in South Africa and beyond.

Iranti [pronounced írantì] is the Yoruba word for ‘memory’. Largely found in South West Nigeria and parts of Benin Republic, the Yoruba people consider memory a prized form of intelligence which determines how often one remembers what they see and hear.

The event will take place in Johannesburg, at Constitution Hill from 12-5pm
For more information on Iranti-org visit their Website or check out their Facebook page.
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