Dance Your Heart Out & Proud' on May 17 in Melany, Australia

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Maleny Pride (Queensland, Australia) is celebrating the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia 2014 (IDAHOT) with a night of dance and music appealing to diverse tastes. The night will be attended by extravagant musicians and bands. Through this event the organisers are commemorating this year’s IDAHOT focus on ‘Freedom of Expression’.

Photo: Poster of this year’s May 17 ‘Dance Your Heart Out & Proud’
Maleny Pride presents ‘Dance Your Heart Out & Proud’ to celebrate May 17 at the Maleny Community Centre. The event will be featuring set-dance to award winning Australian fiddle tunes followed by disco with Hayden Hack Infusion, instruction and a light supper included. The doors open at 6:30 pm.
Maleny Pride is a cooperation of members of the Maleny community who are organising the ‘Dance Your Heart Out & Proud’ event in Maleny. They are reaching out to connect with those who might never have thought of themselves as part of a “community”, those who are questioning their sexuality and those who don’t choose to label themselves – preferring a more fluid sense of their sexuality / identity. Especially welcome are younger members of the community and everyone who is queer friendly.

We’re organising an event to celebrate International Day Against Homophobia (May 17 each year) for Maleny and Sunshine Coast Hinterland GLBTIQ people and their friends. We’d love you to join our group if you want to help with the organisation of the event or if you’d like to come along on the night or perhaps you just want to support our efforts from a distance.

You can find Maleny IDAHO on Facebook. They are also looking for more volunteers who would like to invest some time and energy to make this event happen. For more details about the event itself visit the Dance Your Heart Out & Proud Facebook page.

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