Text above the IDAHOBIT logo reads: "No one left behind: equality, freedom and justice for all"


This year's theme, "No one left behind: equality, freedom and justice for all" was decided through extensive consultations with LGBTQIA+ organisations from around the world.

This theme will allow for advocacy and celebrations in many forms - be it from human rights defenders, LGBTQIA+ civil society groups, millions of people in our communities, and our allies.

The world has just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights — a document that is much more than a cornerstone of international law: it is a guide to navigate a deeply divided world, a set of values that everyone can live by, and ultimately a force for good.

And yet, we know that “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” represents a promise not yet fulfilled — for LGBTIQ people across the world, and for everyone experiencing the suffocating impact on their lives of diverse layers of inequalities.

This year’s IDAHOBIT theme is a call for unity: only through solidarity for each other will we create a world without injustice, where no one is left behind.

How are you planning to mark this year’s IDAHOBIT? Let us know at contact(at)may17.org or idahobit(at)ilga.org, and don’t forget to register your events for them to be shown in our global map of initiatives!

Important note: Events around 17 May go by different names and acronyms, and that’s okay. The Committee who started working around the date back in 2004 currently uses IDAHOBIT, and will therefore use the hashtags #IDAHOBIT and #IDAHOBIT2024

Although we have seen the translation of the “I” as “intersexism,” this is a term considered to be vague and misleading. After consulting with Intersex organisations, we ask everyone to please refrain from using this term and use the term “intersexphobia” instead. Also note that the name of the Day does not currently include “intersexphobia,” as there is no global consensus among Intersex communities that this should be included in the remit of 17 May.

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