Week of actions leading up to IDAHOT in Kenya


The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya and its 14 members have been preparing a series of great events in the Pride week, leading up to IDAHOT.

The Kenyan sexual orientation, gender identities and expression minorities (SOGIEM) community remains among a large percentage of the world’s population that resides in countries where freedom of expression and access to information is restricted for a variety of reasons, including religious/moralistic and political rhetoric. SOGIEM individuals in Kenya continue to face attacks on their freedom of expression and being, through attempted introduction of further restrictive legislation and enforcement of existing ones.
To promote and empower SOGIEM and ally communities in the face of adversity whilst making the connection to global homophobia and transphobia issues, for solidarity and human rights actions, the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK), has resolved to move forward with plans for the annual global IDAHO and Pride events themed “Freedom of Expression”. Given that PRIDE and IDAHO fall closely within the annual calendar, this year, the GALCK Pride/IDAHO Organizing Committee has also resolved to concurrently hold PRIDE and IDAHO Outreach Celebrations
To mark PRIDE and IDAHO, GALCK and its 14 member and affiliate groups/organisations across the country, have prepared a slew of celebratory activities which will take place on different days within our PRIDE week (12th – 16th May) culminating in IDAHO on 17th May.
A warm welcome is extended to the community, partner’s friends and allies.
Organising the celebration of these global annual events in Kenya has been approached with considerable caution given the unstable environment in Kenya.
Find out more about the program here.galck invite 20141

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