Ukraine's IDAHOT video is so beautiful it will make you cry

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We can only share the mail we got from the organisers, Gender Z. What else can be said?

“I am in a WONDERFUL state of mind now! And you know why? Watch Gender Z’s mega-positive video dedicated to May 17, and you’ll understand everything 🙂
Incredibly proud of my Zaporizhia community, really. 
Let’s be proud of who we are, guys!
The motto of the Rainbow Flashmob 2016 is “Be Proud to be Yourself”. The video, made by Gender Z’s volunteers and supporters, demonstrates the importance of visibility and coming out as homosexuals, bisexuals in Ukraine forced to hide their sexual orientation and transgender people – their gender identity and wear a “mask” every day.
Also, the main idea of ​​the event was to show that the Ukrainian LGBTIQ community is an integral part of Ukraine, and has the right to live safe and joyful life. The Rainbow Flashmob video once again demonstrates that representatives of the community in  Ukraine love its country, and, in spite of many obstacles, belief in changes for a better future.
“Be proud of who you are, proud of being unique. And, despite the high level of homophobia in our society, there are always people who can support you” – said Rostyslav from Gender Z, the LGBTQI organization, located in the city of Zaporizhia, South-Est Ukraine.
At the end of the flashmob participants traditionally launched into the sky colored balloons, made the Ukrainian flag in a shape of heart with the rainbow puzzle, symbolizing the dream of a world free of hatred and prejudice.
The result of the overall work can be seen in this INSPIRING video/
And please, feel free to distribute this video. Hugs from Ukraine!

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