Rainbow Chalk-in

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Chalk makes a great alternative to street art which leaves a permanent mark. It’s also cheaper and safe for kids to participate.

Rainbow crossings are a great message (tracing the safe passage to ‘the other side’!). See our special post on this.  But getting people together in a public square for a day of activities – where everyone is Free to Express their own personal message to the world for the IDAHOT 2014 – could also be a great way to engage people.
The photos afterwards are really great to share on social media.
For IDAHOT 2014, Unesco had 4 schools chalk rainbows on Bangkok’s streets. Read our Activist Voice interview here for inspiration on how you can organise such an event.
One project, Chalk 4 Peace, has been doing collective chalk projects for children and young people since 2004. Schools or youth groups get together in a public place and each gets a paving slab or concrete area on which to design their own message for peace. A Chalk-in or ‘Chalk 4 Free Expression’ is a really great option for a family friendly event, and could be easily joined up with other actions, as part of day of action, community get together, or celebration.
For more inspiration check out the chalk festivals held annually in Sarasota and Pasadena, US.

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