Pledge for Full LGBT Equality in the United States is in full swing!

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On May 17th, in the United States, The Equality Pledge Network is mobilising a “Day of Organising” to form 50 state coalitions, linked nationwide, to demand full and equal SO/GI non-discrimination protections as a human rights’ imperative and a public health emergency.

Grounded in The Pledge for Full LGBT Equality, supported by over 200 groups in 44 states, state groups and grassroots activists are joining forces in 2014 to form a united front for full federal civil rights on the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that now protects all other minorities except the LGBT community. The action is on IDAHOT to invoke help from the international community to pressure the U.S. government to outlaw discrimination against LGBT Americans, as an international human rights duty affirmed by the United Nations. And also in proud solidarity with LGBTIQ people worldwide, to shine a beacon of hope across the globe to inspire all activists to rise up, not only for safety from arrest, but for full LGBT freedom and equality as a human right to which we are all entitled. Please email to join us. LGBT Equality Worldwide Now!
Find the pledge here!
Stop Homophobia! Stop Transphobia!
In Omaha, Nebraska a day of action is going to do two things: call for the end of hate and call for full federal equality. The Equality Pledge, how to get involved and what to do next will be discussed during and after the event
The event will take place at 2pm on 72 Dodge Street Intersection the northwest corner.
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