Over 1,000 gathered in Ho Chi Minh City 'Celebrating the Rainbow'

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Despite the heavy rains, over 1,000 LGBTI people and allies gathered in Ho Chi Minh City for the public IDAHOT events that were organised by the organisation ICS. Across Vietnam, the IDAHOT events were a major success.

The bad weather conditions did not hold back the community to have a fantastic turnout at the IDAHOT events. Earlier, PFLAG had also organised a gathering of members of the LGBTI community and their families.
Meanwhile, in Hanoi people gathered for ‘BUBU TOWN’, a town of freedom, tolerance and equality, a place that embraces diversity and promotes freedom of expression of all kinds. BUBU stands for the town’s slogan: “BE UNIQUE. BE U”
Vietnam BUBU Town

You can find more great pictures for the BUBU TOWN event and the workshop “Celebrating Achievements and Addressing Remaining Challenges“  on the organisers page.

In other parts of Vietnam, members of the LGBTI community organised Outdoor Activities, such as Bike Rallies and spread the message of the rainbow across the country.Vietnam Bike Rally Thanh Hoa

Find more images from Da Nang, Nha Trang and Vinh Long. Activities also took place in Hue, Can Tho

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