New Research Shows Need to Address SOGI Stigma in Fight Against HIV

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Results of a new international field scan, conducted by the IDAHO Committee and partners, indicate an urgent need to address stigma based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity/Expression (SOGI), in the global fight against HIV. Released to coincide with the 20th International World AIDS Conference, due to be held in Melbourne later this week (July 20-25), the report draws on responses from 173 NGOs around the world – mainly from Africa, Latin America and Asia.

A preliminary report of research findings is available forĀ download here (pdf, 255kb).
Research looks at how organisations working in the field rate the importance of SOGI stigma as a driver of HIV, what sorts of strategies they develop in this area, and what obstacles they face in developing and implementing effective responses.
Key findings include:

  • 87% of organisations said combating SOGI stigma in society at large was a high priority.
  • Just 51% of organisations reported taking action to combat SOGI stigma in society at large.
  • 72% highlighted restrictive laws as a key obstacle in implementing effective strategies in this area.
  • 85% stressed funding constraints as a major limitation.
  • 78% of organisations self-assessed their strategies as unsatisfactory.

World Aids Conference 2014
The report will be presented at the MSMGF Pre-Conference to the International AIDS Conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia on July 19 – 20. This year’s theme is: Setting the Pace: Gay Men, MSM, and Transgender People in the Global AIDS Response.
For more information on the World AIDS Conference 2014 see the official website.

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