May 17 activities in Iran against Homophobia in media

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May 17 in Tehran: No homophobia in Persian media!

Iranian LGBT activists and feminist will be celebrating May 17 in dedication to freedom of expression of LGBT people in Iran. One of the goals of this campaign is to end hate speeches against and scapegoating of LGBTs and women in media and promote free expression for all human rights defenders.
Lesbian & Gay – Knowledge, Education, Rights, News (LG KERN) is welcoming you to join them on May 17. Activists aim to raise awareness against the homophobia web viruses in all global Persian websites or media in dedication to International Day Against Homophobia 2014.
A special focus on media in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan
They launch this action to recognise, report and fight against hateful messages and news with a special focus on Iranian, Afghan and Tajikistan media.
Also on May 17, a group of feminists will do online publication releases in Tehran about heterosexism and sexism.
You can find out more about the organisers here or follow them on Twitter.

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