Israel IDAHO Report 2012

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A range of events were held throughout Israel to mark IDAHO 2012.
They included an artistic program with a theatrical performance, the screening of world clips dealing with the struggle against homophobia and transphobia, an award to the outstanding community volunteer and an award of recognition as “Yekir Hakehila” in which Naomi Hernik and Zoharit Sorek were named as the 2012 laureates.
In Tel Aviv – Jaffa, “Homophobia, transphobia – Not in our house”: The Moran Zafrir seminar included lectures about homophobia and transphobia and the challenges faced in the education system, and workshops on how to deal with the phenomenon.
Other events included:
Tel Aviv – Jaffa, The Struggle in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) for the rights of LGBT: A panel on the subject “The Fight in the Knesset against homophobia and transphobia, and for equal rights for LGBT”.
Explanation Stands of the IDAHO in which flyers, stickers and pins were distributed to heighten awareness in commemoration of IDAHO. Stands were manned in Tel Aviv, two in Beer Sheva and at the Tel Hai College.
A seminar on “Homophobia among the Youth” at Tel Aviv University conducted by “Hoshen” – the eEducation arm of the LGBT community -– in conjunction with the Herzlia Council. The seminar dealt with various expressions of homophobia, and patience and recognition of the variance of sexual orientations and gender identities in Israeli society.
A “I also am Gay Friendly” group youth project: A new youth group called the “National Youth Council for LGBTs” began a campaign among Israeli youth to identify with IDAHO. During the campaign, members of the group photographed many youth holding placards bearing the words “I also am Gay Friendly” and “Down with Homophobia”. In addition, the group produced a home movie entitled “Am I forbidden to be a Homo?”
A roving exhibition entitled “This is My Story” which was an exhibition of photographs depicting “Hoshen” volunteers in intimate and private moments.
An educational meeting of youth in Haifa in which the youth movement group “Machanot Haolim” for the second year held an educational gathering of youth on the struggle against homophobia.
Issues regarding the medical treatment and health of transgender people was held at Tel Aviv University, entitled “Space of Our Own” and featuring a panel discussion.

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