Iran IDAHO Report 2012

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LGBT rights activists in Iran distributed brochures in the capital Tehran, carried rainbow flags and banners, and released colored balloons in commemoration of this IDAHO 2012.
Meanwhile, the organisation Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees Inc. (IRQR), caring for the Iranian community in Canada, organized an event in Toronto which brought together two Iranian celebrities over the motto ’Iranian Voices against Homophobia’ : Susan Taslimi who is a famous Iranian actress who lives in Sweden now and Kambiz Hosseini who is a famous TV host in Voice of America, Persian desk.
This was the first time ever that Iranian celebrities publicly talked about homosexuality and called homophobia as a social sickness. Kambiz Hosseini even went as far as publicly apologizing for the harm caused by his past homophobic attitudes.
The event was sponsored by Iranian Association at the University of Toronto, Riksteatern (Swedish National Theatre), Swedish International Development Agency and Shahrvand Newspaper.
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