Indonesia will host numerous IDAHOT events in various cities

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The International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia will be celebrated in 7 different cities in Indonesia. Amongst the diverse actions are public lectures, movie screenings, photostory competition and a pride walk (march). The events will take place from May 8 to 22.

Photo: IDAHOT 2014 program – Suara Kita

The events are coordinated by Suara Kita (Our Voice), an LGBT organization that focus on journalism and media in Indonesia. They are trying to involve more groups from tehir network in order to make IDAHOT and LGBT rights more visible and into a mainstream issue.
The following actions have been confirmed so far:
In Jakarta: a movie screening at Kapal Perempuan (a women rights-themed NGO), public lectures at 5 universities (State University of Jakarta, Atmajaya University, National University, Art Institute of Jakarta and Indonesia University), and radio talkshow at the Green Radio and KBR 68H.
In Bandung (West Java): a gay march on car free day at Dago street and LGBT-themed public discussion at the Catholic University of Parahyangan
In Bandar Lampung (Lampung): a public lecture and movie screening at the Lampung University and movie screening within LGBT Communities
In Medan (North Sumatera): public lecture and movie screening at the State University of Medan and the Sumatera Utara University
In Menado (North Sulawesi): Movie Screening and LGBT-themed public discussion
In Kupang: movie screening and LGBT-themed public discussion
In Solo: LGBT-themed public discussion at Jejer Wadon (a women rights-themed NGO)
For the complete agenda of all events, go to here.
For updates and more details on the program and the organisation, please visit Suara Kita’s website.
#LoveLifeRespectID releases their first video web-series campaign, named “Berbeda ??” (different??) in the week of IDAHOT. The first video web-series tells the story of Stigma & Discrimination to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in Indonesia. This three minute video highlights the rights to Freedom of Expression.
“Freedom of Expression rights of LGBT people in Indonesia must be strengthened”, said Setia Perdana, the project coordinator of the video web-series campaign.
#LoveLifeRespectID is a set of seven videos web-series about Gay, Transgender and other men who have sex with men in Indonesia. This project is initiated by GWL-INA network with a support from ISEAN Hivos program.

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