IDAHOT Report 2014: Myanmar

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The days was marked in 10 cities in Myanmar.

A series of public events to mark the Day was organized by Colors Rainbow, Myanmar LGBT Rights Network, YG Event and the American Center. Canada Embassy in Yangon, British Embassy in Yangon, Swedish Fund for Human Rights supported and collaborated in the organizing the events.

A full report by main organiser Colors Rainbow Myanmar, with extended photo documentation can be accessed here: Myanmar IDAHOT report This year, the organisations adapted the Day’s logo creatively to include Myanmar’s national peacock symbol and the celebrations put the annual theme of Freedom of Expression to the forefront! Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.15.48     Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.21.07 A selection of the events’ highlights : &PROUD Photo Exhibition The &PROUD Photo Exhibition, took place from May 11 to 18, kicking off the year’s IDAHOT commemorations in the capital, Yangon. Held in The Witness Yangon Documentary Arts Space, the exhibition showcased pictures portraying the diversity and positive images of Burmese LGBT communities.

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1st Prize in Series of &Proud Exhibition | Courtesy of &Proud

10257134_1451280318449312_4923029046471786688_o (1)
First Prize Singles | Courtesy of &Proud

IDAHOT public event and panel discussion On May 17, activists also marked the Day by holding an IDAHOT public event at Sann Chaung Thar of People’s Park, followed by panel discussion on “LGBT & Equality” at the American Center. To close the commemoration, an Official FAB afterparty was thrown at VIP bar later in the evening. The marking of the Day in Myanmar was attended by Asia Catalyst Capacity Building and Community Initiatives Director, Gisa Dang. She reflected on her experiences in the country and the occasion of the Day in an op ed in Asia Catalyst. Other events A pride parade was also organised on May 17 in Yangon, together with a panel discussion which featured the participation of a psychiatrist, a famous writer, a human rights activist, a young gay celebrity and an influential lawyer – all gathered to discuss the LGBT issue from different perspectives in the Myanmar context.

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