IDAHOT Events 2015: Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka saw celebrations for IDAHOT on three occasions, with a employee awareness action, a film screening and a forum discussion with EU Delegates.

[box type=”note” ]We are still busy collecting information on this year’s IDAHOT activities and are waiting to hear back from activists and event organisers. If you have information to share with us, please write us at[/box]

On May 15th the Standard Chartered Bank together with EQUAL GROUND planned an IDAHOT awareness action amongst its employees at their head office in Colombo.  IDAHOT videos will be looped and screened at their canteen from 11am till 3pm while a flash mob will perform in the canteen 3 times during the day.  Rainbow Flags were therefore planned to adorn the various departments at the SCB office and building.

On May 18th, EQUAL GROUND held its commemoration of IDAHOT with the screening of the film “I AM WHAT I AM” – a film on the lives of transgenders in Sri Lanka and a social gathering.

Equal Ground IDAHOT 2015

On 22nd May, EQUAL GROUND collaborated with the EU Delegation to Sri Lanka and the Maldives at a forum discussion and breakaway session on LGBTIQ Stigma and Discrimination which will feed into an EU report on the situation in Sri Lanka.SriLanka_IDAHOT2015_3

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