IDAHOT commemorations in Taiwan


The Lobby Alliance for LGBT Human Rights has planned an event on May 17 to remember all the victims of Homophobia and Transphobia with the demonstration ‘From the Grave to the World’.

In order to remember and honour, they will stand in front of the Presidential Hall in Taipei city with 100 tombstones, each engraved with the somber and horrifying truth of our wrongful deaths: Killed by Homophobia and and Transphobia.
This event is aims to honour the victims and towards a world free from fear and is not meant to call out for revenge.
The Tomb will be on Ketagalan Boulevard on May 17th from 10AM to 6PM
Their mission is:
1. To promote Taiwan to become the first Asian country to legalize gay marriages
2. To promote gay-friendly corporations in our society
3. To encourage gay people to come out with courage and dignity.
The Lobby Alliance for LGBT Human Rights is a group of young advocators for the Rights of LGBT. They are also trying to identify and reach out to parliament members who have been influenced by conservative views and are not supporting LGBT Rights yet.

Human Rights are a true universal value and dignity of human nature without any disputes. Although the opinion polls cannot be fulfilled as an obligation, Taiwan has surpassed many other countries in the world with more than half of Taiwanese population supporting gay marriage. Taiwan is a place that full of hopes and prosperous futures. We truly believe that the historical moment to achieve the Taiwan LGBT Rights will be arrived soon. As long as we gather together with all the workers, citizens, and friends to stand up for our basic Human Rights, we will let Taiwan Parliament to consider this subject seriously and face this crucial step toward the Human Rights in the 21st century, and let the rainbow always be at Taiwan horizon.

Find the event page here and more information about pride watch, focussing on parliament membersĀ here.

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