Belize IDAHO Report 2012

In Belize, a country which has laws criminalizing same-sex relationships, activists launched online actions on Facebook tackling the issue of homophobia. LGBT groups also organised a media conference and reached out to various ministries to promote legislative change.  

Belarus IDAHO Report 2012

Authorities in the Belarusian capital of Minsk prevented LGBT activists from holding three separate protests to mark IDAHO 2012, citing “technical” reasons and repair work near the proposed locations as reasons for denying the protest. However, other IDAHO events did...

Austria IDAHO Report 2012

Activists in Austria marked IDAHO 2010 with the launch of a call for participation in a European online LGBT survey. In addition, the makers of the Austrian short film “Homophobia” released the film for free on YouTube (…). “Homophobia” follows...

Jakarta Organisations Celebrate IDAHO

Despite, and in reaction to, repeated homo/transphobic attacks by religious dogmatic groups over the past months, Human Rights and LGBT organisations in Jakarta held a series of events ranging from Parliamentary meetings to marches and cultural activities. As organisers put...

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