Facing your Family as Young LGBTI – the Bravest Thing on Earth

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Words of Support and Courage coming to us from Albania
Family relations are extremely important for LGBTIQ people. As the saying goes, they can make you or break you. It is not uncommon within our community to hear of very different stories. Some speak of unconditional love and acceptance while others of rejection, violence and in some extreme cases even murder. My heart goes out to LGBTIQ youth, who during the most important years of their growth and development, often have to live double lives, in hiding, shame and fear. Many of them have to find the courage to come out, sometimes unclear of their loved one’s reactions. For me that’s one of the bravest things a young person can do. Whatever your experience is, don’t forget that family can have many shapes and forms, and that you deserve to love and be loved. My philosophy is very simple: if you don’t have it, then you make it!

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