China IDAHO Report 2012


Various activities were organized around IDAHO in more than 30 cities, including a rainbow ride, public educational activities, a kiss-in, a flash mob, the staging of a street drama, film screenings and discussion, a micro-blog initiative on anti-discrimination, and an online survey. Many activities received visible media coverage both in English and in Chinese.
In Beijing, an event entitled “Stop Violence Against LGBT – Fight Homophobia In and Through Education” was held to draw attention to the violence taking place against LGBT people in China. It was geared towards Chinese educators, education officials, the international community and the media.

This was coupled with the premiere of the film “Strong – A Documentary Against Violence towards LGBT People”, a panel discussion and an informal networking event in which guests were invited to learn more about Beijing’s LGBT organizations.

In Wuhan, an anti-discrimination legal forum was held at Wuhan University on 8 May 2012. Renowned gender-equality legal expert Professor Li Ao was a keynote speaker. A street drama entitled “Closet” was also on with the theme of “Break down the closet of homophobia, free people from discrimination!”
In Nanning, activists organized “Rainbow and me, no more homophobia!” in which a group of volunteers went to the commercial street to educate the passers-by about IDAHO and issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.
In Guangzhou, activists hoisted the rainbow flag to promote equality. In Chongqing, there was a kiss-in and “Rainbow Ride”.
In Kunming, stores in Kunming’s main district were asked to broadcast LGBT songs in a show of support themed “If I Could – Singing for Gay”.

An IDAHO regional consultation meeting was held in Suzhou on May 6 in which more than 20 organizations from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan shared their experience of local IDAHO activities in the past few years, discussed bullying on campus and various educational activities to promote gender and sexuality diversity, and cooperation on future IDAHO events.

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