Brazil : 117 events in all 27 states for IDAHO 2013 !

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Thursday May 9, 2013
Brazilian activists remain at the international front-lines in the global fight against homophobia & transphobia, for IDAHO 2013. Brazil now looks set to be the country with the most events planned in the world around this year’s May 17 commemorations, with a total of 117 events confirmed, in every one of Brazil’s 27 states. From Amazonas, to Bahia, to Rio de Janeiro and Rio Grande do Sul, a great array of events are planned – including conferences, workshops, parades, flashmobs, festivals, and a march on the National Congress.
Given this year’s battles over sexual rights in Brazil – marked by the appointment of far-right pastor, Marco Feliciano, to the head of Brazil’s Human Rights Commission in March – it will be highly significant that LGBTQI activists in the country will make themselves heard in such a co-ordinated way; both to decision-makers in Brazil, and the international community.
You can see a list of events (in Portuguese) here, and highlights from this year’s events (in English) by clicking on Brazil on the map on the homepage.

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